Santa pouring coal from his sack instead of toys.


Your two lumps of coal are pure, premium, anthracite coal, mined in the USA. We wash the lumps and then treat them with a very thin aerosol application of high-quality acrylic fixative. The fixative gives the coal a beautiful matte--but not dull--finish. More importantly, it almost completely eliminates the possibility that your new lumps of coal will leave you, your hands, or your recipients with that “coal miner” look.

Smaller Lump of coal handheld for scale (click for larger image)
Larger  Lump of coal handheld for scale (click for larger image)
Your two lumps of coal will have a guaranteed minimum combined weight of 4 ounces--a quarter pound. No lump is smaller that 1.5 ounces. Most lumps are larger. The lump on the left is 1.6 oz. The one on the right is 3.0 oz. (Click on any of these for larger pictures. Dial-up folks may have to be patient.)
Bag of Coal packed in excelsior in cotton drawstring bag  (click for larger image) Your two lumps are nestled in pure aspen wood excelsior in a 100-percent cotton muslin drawstring bag with the word “COAL” handstamped on one side in one-inch letters. No other identifying marks are on the bag. A removable manila shipping tag with our Two Lumps of logo cinches the top of the bag. When you remove the tag, the bag gives no clues as to origin.
Here are three bags with their tags, ready to go.
Three bags with tags (click for larger image)

Finally, we include this lovely gift card. It is 4.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches high printed on heavy cream-colored card stock. There's plenty of room for your personalized message. (Here's a sample message we wrote.)
Bag and gift card in hand for scale (click for larger image)
  We pack your bag with the gift card in a very strong 4" x 4" x 6" box (or larger, if part of a larger order), and pack with high-quality peanuts. Bag of Christmas coal with gift card in shipping box (click for larger image)
Sample shipping box with completed mailing label (click for larger image)
We use First Class and Priority Mail electronic postage services from Endicia. Here's what you get in the mail. If you order more than two items, we'll ship them in a USPS Priority Box, with a label like the one on the left.